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Scottsdale Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

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Any type of drug arrest can be a frightening experience, especially for juveniles, college students, and individuals who have never faced the criminal justice system before. Possession of a controlled substance in Arizona can have far-reaching effects not only in terms of criminal penalties but social repercussions as well. If you are convicted of a drug crime—even for something as simple as possession of marijuana—you will have a permanent criminal record that can make it difficult to find employment, housing, educational aid, and more. That is why it is vital that you have strong legal representation throughout the duration of your case.

Arrested on drug charges in East Valley? Contact Moore Advocacy Group to work with a former prosecutor at (480) 405-3261.

Arizona Drug Crimes & Penalties

Arizona law is tough on drug crimes. Most drug offenses, including possession of marijuana and its paraphernalia, are categorized as felonies. A felony conviction will be available to the public on a simple background check following you in the future. Because of this detrimental consequence, you owe it to yourself to seek highly-qualified legal help.

Our Scottsdale drug crimes defense lawyer has defended drug offenses involving such controlled substances as:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Fraudulently-obtained opiates, such as OxyContin, Xanax, and others
  • Other illegal street drugs

Our experience includes handling the full spectrum of drug offenses, from simple possession to possession with intent to sell, sales, distribution, delivery, manufacture, cultivation, and trafficking.

How Moore Advocacy Group Can Help You

We can vigorously challenge how your investigation, arrest, and search and seizure were conducted with the aim of finding viable defenses at trial, suppressing evidence, or obtaining a dismissal of the charges. At the same time, we can work to get you the help you may need to overcome a destructive addiction. We offer focused, compassionate, and dedicated advocacy throughout every phase of your case from start to finish.

Bring your drug offense to an experienced defense lawyer by calling (480) 405-3261 today or contacting us online.

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